Monday, November 16, 2015

A Lucky Sunday

| Forever 21 Dress / H&M Bag / Reebok Sneakers |

Hi I`m back again with more casual outfits and drool-worthy food pics.
I can`t seem to shake off the dress-shirt obsession I`ve been in lately.
It`s simple (I`m just lazy) and comfy (can`t complain right?)
and for a monochrome freak like me, it`s pretty much a fool-proof outfit.

| Jamling Cafe Seasonal Pumpkin Pancake | 
check them out here → //

Can we just talk about this pumpkin pancake?
This has got to be one of the fluffiest pancakes I`ve ever had.
The service was great too, the waitress kept coming back to pour water every 15 minutes
which would be served because I`m a severe water drinker.

| Chao Xian Wei (朝鮮味)Stone Bowl Bibimbap |

And to finish off a wonderful Sunday: The Scout`s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.
I don`t know what has gotten into me because I usually hate gory zombie films
but I have to admit it`s one of the best movies I`ve seen this year.
I was laughing and screaming simultaneously the entire movie (who knew that was possible?)
and no, no nightmare was followed.
I got everything I could ever ask for my birthday: Korean food and lots of laughter with people I love, so I guess I`m pretty lucky.

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